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Every body should have perfect relationship.

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The state of common trust and support between one another.

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Dating process for man and woman is for a common goal.

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Love Life

That part of a person's life consisting of his or her sexual relationship.

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Marriage a is union between two people who are husband and wife.

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Family Life

This been the standard dummy since when an printer took make book.

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Why You Need Life Coach/Counselling
  • For Confidentiality
  • Guardian.
  • Relationship Issue
  • To get The Right Partiner.
  • Act Now!
Get The Right. Solution
  • Low self-esteem.
  • Anger management
  • Family difficulties.
  • Addictions
  • crisis resolution
  • Act Now!

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What more do we offer?


A spectacular FREE seminar for everyone within and outside the community. Our seminar is organised for age 16 and over. Why not be a part of next event? Every topic is unique and outstanding; range of experienced speaker from all over the world. This befitting programme handles areas that are not taught at schools.


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We have cooperated interceding meeting for unity, family life, relationship and so on. Contact us to join this group.

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We link you to a reliable organisation that specialised in website design and development. All you need to build your product without a hassle. From domain name registrar, maintenance, web security and computer repair/upgrading.  In addition to great pricing and a commitment to world-class customer service.

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We don’t just repair computers we fix all laptops and computer problems. Are you tired of your slow computer or Laptop? Do they keep crashing or freezing? Contact us today.

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Have Questions?

Do marriages still work in out dispensation?

Yes. Marriage is still working out in our time. That is one reason why we encourage anyone to seek us for life coaching, mentoring and counselling. We believe that, If you go through the right coach sections, you are guaranteed that your marriage will work out.

How do i get the right partner?

Certainly, there is certain quality you could look for when choosing the right life partner. On this, I suggest you come in to have a private section with us.

Does LifeAndRelationship offer phone support?

Yes! Phone, live chat support comes standard with our services. We offer email support options with our services too, and we have a robust community forum where you can get help from the Webs community as well as members.

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