Dating is the process of man and woman meeting for a common goal. Both of them (or more people) meet socially for marriage (relationships).

It is a period of each assessing one another for; Suitability, comfortability, care and so on. These and more are what to be considered with the view of taking the dating further, they may consider getting into marriage.


This is the next step to courtship. We believe that standard dating is not for sexual intimacy, but may include social activities.

There is differences between dating, sexual or romantic relationship. The term dating could be described in a different way, but this depends on beliefs, geographical location and culture.


There are protocols and practices of dating. We shall go deeper later. We shall also give a different description base one geographical location,  culture and to the new fashion of so-called 21-century dating.


Dating could be a time of enquiring or negotiating for courtship.  In theory, it is expected not to have anything to do with sexual intercourse, romantic or intimacy.

As it is, dating is a time of enquiring or negotiating for a relationship that could lead to courtship. It is also regarded as a trial period and waiting time. At this time of the relationship, personal safety of both parties must be considered and beneficial for their good. As you keep reading this content, you will practically see and appreciate yourself and get ready to make changes when it is necessary.

We have, and we will continue coach people to plan for their dating in other not to fall into the temptation that could lead to everlasting regret. There are dating forces and weakness. 

The million dollars’ questions are: How do we date? Where to date? When to date? and why we must date? Feel free to contact us for answers and you will not regret.

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