A state of common trust and support between one another. This involves closeness, sharing common ideas, togetherness and spending the time to together etc.

You may start your friendship formally or informally and if appropriate; say your name and ask the other person. You may say anything from what is around you to start a conversation, then use your mind to figure out the kind of person, make the correct decision whether to continue conversing or not.

Sometimes, it is better to talk about the general topic when you like to be a friend to someone. For example, discourse about God, work, news, real issues and so on.

” I believe that Jesus Christ is the best friend to follow”

As this conversation, may go on and on, you should remember that birds of some feathers, flock together and most importantly, remember your friend determine your success.

During this conversation, you should be able to see few of the following; Endless friendship, unity and disunity, happiness and sadness, secrecy. Open-minded, disappointment etc.

If you could not figure out any of the above points during discussions, then, think twice.

Also, there are many people with different lifestyles. Your lifestyle determines the type of people you attract. But you have to choose right!


What type of friend do you want to associate with?

Knowing your friendship

A good friend is the one that will push you to achieve your goals. Who do not accept your wrongdoing but guides you. Tells you the whole truth (everything etc) Whoever you accept as your friend will have full access to your inner life.

Well, you may give answers to the following personal question:

(1) Are you with the right or wrong friend?

(2) Are your friends telling you what you want to hear?

(3) Or telling you what you should know?

(4) Does your friend / you empower or to encourage meaningful thing?

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